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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Al Gore: Senator, Vice President, Magician.

an article in today’s Boston Globe , Al Gore outlined his plan to change energy sources and wean the US off of fossil fuels. While the reporter goes out of his way to describe the speech at “non-partisan,” I find it difficult to believe that Mr. Gore’s interest transcends party lines. The truth is that Gore and others on the left have a major stock in alternative fuels and possible government control over energy sources. In fact, Gore literally holds stock in bio-fuels. But what strikes me as most noticeable about the Globe article is the vague explanation of how the transition will take place:

“‘The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk,’ Gore declared. " ‘....The answer is to end our reliance on carbon-based fuels.’"
“Instead, Gore called for vastly expanding the use of wind and solar power and other renewable sources to generate 100 percent of US electricity needs. ‘This goal is achievable,’ he said.”

Here we see how Gore plans to end our reliance on fossil fuels, but Gore gives us only the end result and not the method of getting there. If he were to have said that the government would buy large tracts of land in Southern Illinois then lease them to companies who would be willing to supply and maintain electric wind mills, I would say he were on to something. But the truth is that leftists like Gore are not worried so much about supplying energy as they are about hurting the companies that currently supply energy. Time after time environmentalists have shown that their concern ends at degrading the evil oil companies and that what happens once they are gone pales in comparison to the actual removal.

No matter what he claims or what the media makes him out to be, Al Gore is not a miracle man. The process of switching Americans over from oil to alternative fuels will be long and it will be costly. But Gore and other leftist millionaires seem to neglect the cost in hope of achieving their dream society where big business doesn’t control energy supplies. McCain and Bush both seem to understand that the economy can not afford to bear the burden of the transition and must be given compensation in the form of cheap oil until a viable alternative arises. By drilling American oil reserves on the continental shelves and at ANWR, we can effectively reduce the amount of oil imported from the Middle East and lower fuel costs until the transition is complete. Even if we were to have an all electric society in 10 years, it will be much longer than that before Americans can afford to buy cars that don’t run on oil. In the mean time, Gore’s plan would have us driving cars on Obama’s idea of hope.

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